25 Simple Designs for Embroidery

25 Easy & Simple Designs for Embroidery Projects For Beginners With Free Patterns

Have you ever wondered about simple designs for embroidery pillow’s beauty? What about a T-shirt with a personalized phrase that was embroidered?

Have you ever wished that you too could accomplish that?

Well, now you can. I’ve chosen 25 simple designs for embroidery to get you started if you’ve ever wanted to try embroidery, which is a lovely way to decorate.

Best 25 Simple Designs for Embroidery Ideas for You

1. Embroidery Heart Sampler

Embroidery Heart Sampler

I adore how many different embroidery stitches were used to create this heart. This is ideal for using to decorate towels or almost whatever you want. Because you use so many various stitches to make it, it’s an excellent design for learning new ones. I highly advise trying out this heart if you have never embroidered before so that you can become familiar with the various stitches to use in subsequent patterns.

2. Holiday Santa Embroidery Pattern

Holiday Santa Embroidery Pattern

I adore this pattern of the Santa figure. It’s incredibly easy to embroider and excellent for producing your own DIY Christmas ornaments. If you wanted, you could add more information to this one and really dress it up. The pattern is really simple and gives you lots of options for customization. You may also use towels or other materials for this project to create a beautiful homemade Christmas present.

3. Lovely Spring Bouquet Embroidery Pattern

Lovely Spring Bouquet Embroidery Pattern

It’s really simple to embroider this wonderful spring bouquet. This piece may be made in any color you wish, making it the ideal addition to your home’s décor because you can match the colors to what you already have.

You won’t need much time to finish this one. You could even make it into kitchen towels or pillowcases to give as holiday gifts, and you could finish them in a single weekend.

4. Bee Happy Embroidery Sample

Bee Happy Embroidery Sample

This tiny bee picture is a fantastic beginning project because it uses a variety of stitches. Along with many other stitches, you’ll learn the straight stitch, sating stitch, French knot, and lazy daisy.

After completing this bee pattern, you’ll be a pro at embroidery and able to tackle more challenging designs.

5. Easy Beginning Bee Embroidery Pattern

Easy Beginning Bee Embroidery Pattern

This little busy bee is quite simple to embroider and is ideal for embellishing anything from kitchen towels to baby clothes. The amount of embroidery thread used in this project is quite small. Even if this is your first stitching project, you can do it in about an hour.

6. Easy Vegetable Garden Embroidery Sampler

Easy Vegetable Garden Embroidery Sampler

I adore how simple it is to embroider these samplers, and the vegetable garden one is no exception. Also, you may experiment with different stitches to make your vegetables, and the setup is quite simple.

Samplers allow you to be as flexible as you like, which makes them the ideal method to become extremely comfortable with stitching. When finished, you may hang this vegetable pattern in the kitchen or quickly replicate it on a set of kitchen towels.

7. Easy Arrow Embroidery Pattern

Easy Arrow Embroidery Pattern

The pattern is simple enough for beginners to follow, and these little arrows couldn’t be easier to sew.

Simply choose several hues and practice your stitches by drawing numerous arrows on your fabric. Then you may use your arrows for a variety of decorating tasks, including making pillowcases and accessories for young boys’ rooms.

8. Sweet Posies Embroidery Pattern

Sweet Posies Embroidery Pattern

These tiny posies are quite simple to embroider and are great for decorating. Also, these are made with a variety of colors, and by adding more reds and greens, you can transform them into a festive pattern. Or, use vibrant hues to make this pattern fit for spring. This one is quite adaptable, and making the stitches is a breeze.

9. Fall Leaf Embroidery Pattern

Fall Leaf Embroidery Pattern

To decorate your home for Thanksgiving, use these autumnal leaves! They’re so simple to make that you can finish several of them before the holidays, and the pattern is quite simple to follow. The leaves are lovely, and you may alter them by simply stitching them with different colors. This is the craft to undertake if you want a really easy beginner project that doubles as homemade fall décor.

10. Beginner’s Floral Embroidery Design

Beginner’s Floral Embroidery Design

It has a beautiful floral pattern and a motivational slogan that you may also embroider. The pattern comes in two sizes and is simply loaded with beautiful flowers that are simpler to make than you might imagine. When finished, this would make stunning wall art, or you could create it into a tapestry, t-shirt, or tote bag to give as a gift to someone special.

11. Love Without Reason Pattern

Love Without Reason Pattern

I adore this pattern in part due to its message and in part due to how quick and simple it is to do. When finished, this is quite stunning and ideal as a gift or addition to your own home’s decor. When you’re done, frame it or simply put it in the embroidery hoop because the colors go with almost any decor and the message is very motivating.

12. Personalized Embroidered Drink Sleeve

Personalized Embroidered Drink Sleeve

You can complete this small needlework project quite quickly and easily, and the result is a nice present you may give teachers for the holidays. They can have their names embroidered directly on the pencil drink sleeve. You have time before the holidays to make custom drink sleeves for each of your children’s teachers because the pattern is so simple and you can produce one in about an hour.

13. Reverse Monogram Embroidery Pattern

 Reverse Monogram Embroidery Pattern

These monograms are simple to make and perfect for gift-giving or home decor. The back stitch is necessary, but it’s simple to master. In all honesty, despite how intricate they are, they are not at all difficult to make. One can be easily completed over the course of a weekend, or even sooner if you pick it up quickly. For this one, you just embroider all around the template after printing off your own copy of it.

14. Easy Garden Path Sampler

Easy Garden Path Sampler

For making embroidered works of art for garden enthusiasts, use this garden path sampler. Additionally, it teaches you how to produce open petals using the granito stitch, which is quite easy to execute. Also, it’s a substitute for the lazy daisy stitch and may be used to create various things, including flowers and animal eyes. You can practice additional stitches on this garden path sampler which will only take a few hours to complete.

15. Valentine Heart Embroidery Pattern

Valentine Heart Embroidery Pattern

Okay, so it’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but it will be in a short while, so you should give this heart embroidery pattern a try. You create the cutest heart-shaped cushion using an embroidery design that you embroider according to a template.

Moreover, this will be a hit with kids, or you can use it as a decorative pillow in your living room or bedroom. The design and stitches are both quite simple to follow.

16. Beginner Mod Embroidery Sampler Pattern

Beginner Mod Embroidery Sampler Pattern

This simple pattern, which makes use of several stitches, is ideal for new knitters who require practice. When finished, it produces a sweet square embroidery and works up very quickly. Simply stitch with orange, brown, red, and yellow embroidery thread to bring some fall color to your house.

17. DIY Springtime Stitches Embroidery Sampler

DIY Springtime Stitches Embroidery Sampler

I adore sampler patterns because they help me learn all of the various stitches needed to create something lovely.

You have the chance to learn so many different stitches while working on this springtime sampler, and when you’re done, you’ll have a charming springtime decoration for your house. The stitches on this one are quite simple to master, and it is very colorful. Use vivid hues to incorporate this into your summer floral décor.

18. Easy DIY Hand-Embroidered Cards

Easy DIY Hand-Embroidered Cards

These hand-embroidered cards feature a gorgeous fruit silhouette and are ideal for just about any occasion. You should only need a few minutes to finish each card because the embroidery is so simple to execute.

Since you sketch the image yourself, you can create whatever design you like, including holiday cards. Then simply fill it in with matching-colored embroidery threads.

These are simpler to make than they appear, and you will have lovely homemade cards to distribute.

19. DIY Embroidered Wool Scarf

DIY Embroidered Wool Scarf

This embroidered wool scarf with its feather stitching is the ideal project if you’re seeking an embroidery idea that will result in a nice gift to offer.

This scarf is not only stunning when it is finished, but it is also quite simple to create and can be completed on a weekend.

You could absolutely make this scarf reversible because the straight stitches on the front have a herringbone appearance on the back.

20. Easy DIY Garden Sampler Embroidery Pattern

Easy Garden Path Sampler

This garden pattern, which has a wide variety of flowers, is ideal for practicing different embroidery techniques.

You can add additional stitches if you need to practice with the fundamental ones, such as the lazy daisy stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, and French knot. This one is quite adaptable and, when finished, creates a gorgeous wall hanging.

21. Sampler Turtle Embroidery Pattern

Sampler Turtle Embroidery Pattern

In addition to utilizing a variety of stitches, this sampler turtle also allows you to add additional ones for practice. There are numerous alternative ways to implement the designs.

Further, starting with a simple outline, you embroider the lines inside the shell using whichever stitch you like or where you might need a little more practice. Make a sweet wall hanging out of this little turtle, or sew him directly onto a shirt or pillowcase.

22. Ice Cream Cone Mandala Sampler

Ice Cream Cone Mandala Sampler

Here is another incredibly simple embroidery pattern that lets you experiment with various techniques. When complete, this charming ice cream cone mandala is considerably simpler to stitch than it appears. Simply modify the downloaded template to the desired size to complete this. This stitch uses the back stitch in addition to the stem stitch, split stitch, and seed stitch, but you could easily add your own to give it a more distinctive look.

23. Easy Chicken Scratch Heart Pattern

Easy Chicken Scratch Heart Pattern

My favorite stitch is chicken scratch, sometimes known as Amish stitching, and it is also one of the simplest. When properly executed, it provides such a lovely appearance that almost resembles lace.

Further, on gingham cloth, you may use chicken scratch to create this heart example, which results in exceptionally stunning artwork. Making an “X” with your embroidery thread to create chicken scratch is all it takes to create the most beautiful pieces.

24. Embroidered Heart Ornament

Embroidered Heart Ornament

Try out this embroidered heart pattern if you want to make your own Christmas ornaments. This one may be done in a variety of colors, or you can go with the usual red and green. It’s considerably simpler to embroider this Hardanger pattern than it appears. You can use it to create a beautiful DIY ornament that you can put on your tree or give as a gift.

25. Cute Donut Embroidery Pattern

Cute Donut Embroidery Pattern

I think this donut pattern is really adorable, and it’s really simple to embroider. What a sweet design this would be on an apron. This one is really on a zipped pouch, but you can use the embroidery design to transfer it to just about whatever you choose, or you can construct your own zippered pouch. Don’t you think this would look adorable on a small girl’s dress?


Everything can be decorated with embroidery, and once you get the hang of it, it’s a pretty simple craft to do.

These patterns can be used to create stunning quilts, baby bibs, t-shirts, and just about anything else you can think of.

Additionally, I’ve got a list of 30 DIY accent pillows that would be ideal for adding your embroidered touch if you wanted to add some embroidery to a homemade accent pillow.

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