35 DIY compost bins ideas

35 Cheap & Easy DIY Compost Bins That You Can Make at Home

In case, you don’t use a compost bin. This is the best time for you to begin thinking about creating one. Also, below is the list of 35 cheap and simple DIY compost bins that you can start.

List of 35 DIY Compost Bins Making Methods

Below are the Top 35 Cheap & Easy compost bins making ideas that you can make by your own at your home.

 1. Quick & Simple Two-Bin Compost Bin

Quick & Simple Two-Bin Compost Bin

The components for this fantastic two-bin compost bin can be made from some leftover lumber from past projects or a few used pallets.

Although, you can change those measurements if necessary. These bins are approximately two feet tall and three feet in circumference.

In case, you intend to organize your compost, the plans are fairly simple to follow and provide you with a double compost bin that helps you keep your compost tidy.

2. DIY Ultimate Three-Bin Compost Bin

DIY Ultimate Three-Bin Compost Bin

Here is a three-bin compost bin with plenty of space to assist you in building nutrient-rich soil.

This one, believe it or not, is actually rather simple to construct, and because it is so large, it will produce a tonne of compost.

If you have space for it, you may place this wherever in the yard. If you like, you can even paint and decorate it a little.

3. Three Tiered Worm Compost Bin

Three Tiered Worm Compost Bin

A worm compost bin is simple to construct; worms, incidentally, aid in the creation of nutrient-rich soil.

This specific bin is really simple to construct and has three tiers, so it can hold a lot of soil and worms.

A power drill, a saw, and a few other small tools and supplies are required.

4. Simple DIY Five Gallon Bucket Compost Bin

 Five Gallon Bucket Compost Bin

You only need a five-gallon bucket to get your composting project going. This bin will work well if you don’t have the time to make a bigger one.

Further, all you need is a bucket, a stainless steel or trash can, and a few tools. This one can be constructed in under an hour.

Guess being able to add vegetables and other leftovers to your own compost heap in an hour.

5. Simple DIY Angled Compost Bin

Simple DIY Angled Compost Bin

While making a Compost bin, you will always prefer it where you can access it easily. It would be beneficial if you could easily access the soil as well as be able to easily dispose of your unused foods and other green materials. Also, this angled compost bin is very simple to build and makes accessing it very simple. 

6. Upcycled Cardboard Box Compost Bin

Upcycled Cardboard Box Compost Bin

Since I always have a lot of boxes on hand, it is wonderful to find a good purpose for them. like the composter made from a cardboard box.

You can make this out of a cardboard bulk box, similar to the ones that fruits and vegetables are packaged in at the grocery store.

Ask your neighborhood grocery store if you may pick up a few the next time they receive a supply. 

7. DIY Cedar Compost Bin

DIY Cedar Compost Bin

The compost bins are here made of cedar ports. It can be available in the lumber yard at a very low price.

You can simply reach inside the front of the bins to stir your compost or add to it as needed because the boards are removable.

There is no reaching in or stooping to get to the compost because it emerges from the bottom of the bins.

8. Easy DIY Cedar Lattice Compost Bin

Easy DIY Cedar Lattice Compost Bin

Absolutely, you can create a compost bin with the help of anything. It can include old lattice too.

You can create boxes to store your compost if you happen to have cedar lattice on hand that you aren’t currently utilizing.

These are quite easy to put together, so you could create two or three of them in an afternoon, and they are also very attractive.

9. Cinder Block Compost Bin Plans

Cinder Block Compost Bin Plans

Your compost container can alternatively be constructed out of cinder blocks. If you don’t already have any cinder blocks, you can buy them quite cheaply at home improvement stores or ask your local concrete business if they would give you a discount because you’re using them for environmentally friendly projects.

For this one, you build a huge container that can hold a tonne of compost out of cinder blocks and wood.

10. Compost Bin of Drum Style

Compost Bin of Drum Style

One thing to keep in mind regarding composting is that it needs to be occasionally flipped or stirred.

This drum-style compost container makes the process incredibly simple, and it’s also simple to construct.

You can construct this in a matter of hours for less than $20, and it spins to allow your compost to breathe, reducing odor.

11. DIY Concrete Block Compost Bin

DIY Concrete Block Compost Bin

This is another design for a concrete-block compost bin. For this one, you just lay a wooden board on top after using only the blocks to keep the inside stewing.

This one can be constructed in a matter of hours without the need for any power tools.

And if you already have the blocks, you can make this DIY Compost Bin for free.

12. DIY Hardware Cloth Compost Bin

DIY Hardware Cloth Compost Bin

It’s not difficult or expensive to make your own compost bin. which applies to the hardware cloth version of this one.

For this, you’ll need mesh hardware cloth, which is reasonably priced and available in rolls so you can make sure you receive everything you need.

To hold everything together, you’ll also need a small piece of wire fence, cable ties, and something for the lid, such as a slab of wood.

13. Easy DIY Compost Tumbler Bin

Easy DIY Compost Tumbler Bin

Another great compost bin that makes rotating your compost effortless is this one. This one is constructed with a few 2X4s and a plastic barrel.

The barrel you use will determine the length of your boards. The boards must be tall enough to lift the barrel off the ground so it can rotate.

14. Simple DIY Kitchen Compost Bin

DIY Kitchen Compost Bin

There is no requirement that your compost bin be outside.

This easy DIY kitchen compost container is ideal if you live in an apartment complex or just don’t have a yard.

Make your own by using an old coffee can or a variety of different items, then keep it inside your home where you may freely add to it.

15. Repurposed Plastic Tote Compost Bin

Repurposed Plastic Tote Compost Bin

Make a compost container out of an old plastic bag!

It won’t cost you a lot of money to do this. In case, you don’t already have a tote, check out the dollar store or keep an eye out for after-Christmas deals. After the holidays, Walmart often cuts the price of red totes in half.

16. Double Decker Turnable Compost Bin

Double Decker Turnable Compost Bin

This two-tiered, DIY compost bin is constructed from plastic barrels.

Also, it is rotatable, allowing you to flip your compost frequently for improved results.

Additionally, you can use any two plastic barrels or drums that you have on hand. In case, you don’t have any barrels, ask any nearby manufacturing firms if they have any extras that they’d be willing to part with.

17. Upcycled Tire And Drum Bin

Upcycled Tire And Drum Bin

Tire upcycling may be done in so many different ways! You can use them as the foundation for your compost bin fashioned from an old metal drum, for starters. Once you put this one together, the tires make it quite simple to rotate your compost and keep everything mixed up. These drums are also fairly simple to find. Simply move it around!

18. Super Easy DIY Compost Bin

Super Easy DIY Compost Bin

The easiest thing you can ever make is to create the milk crates as a compost bins. The main focus should be on the bottom of the compost bin so your compost doesn’t fall down. Then, make a lid to cover it.

19. DIY Square Compost Bins

DIY Square Compost Bins

You can make a compost bin from scratch if you don’t have anything you can use to make one from.

It will only take you a few hours to complete this compost bin plan because it is so simple to follow. Because of its weight, construct it in the location where you intend to keep it.

20. Cycled Garbage Can Compost Barrel

Cycled Garbage Can Compost Barrel

If everything else fails, then turn your trash into a compost barrel.

For this one, any used plastic trash can do, and creating it won’t take any effort.

Use an old plastic can with holes in it as a compost pile by simply plugging the holes.

The fact that the plastic cans are rather lightweight will also aid with rotation.

21. Easy Indoor Vermicomposting Bin

Easy Indoor Vermicomposting Bin

Here is one more compost bin which is indoor. And it’s perfect for those who don’t have much space outdoors.

It’s quite easy to make and has a pan at the lower part for catching your soil.

It should be noted that this one requires some sewing to create the cover, so now is a good time to break out the sewing machine and practice your stitching.

22. Easy Leftover Lumber Compost Bin 

A wooden compost bin costs about $150, but you can make one for nothing by using any scrap wood you have lying about. I adore this one since it is so simple to construct and gorgeous. It is ideal for those of you who are new to composting and actually has a great farmhouse feel to it with its planks and boards.

23. DIY Mini Worm Compost Bins

Mini Worm Compost Bins

A wooden compost bin costs about $150, but you can make one for nothing by using any scrap wood you have lying about. I adore this one since it is so simple to construct and gorgeous. Also, it is ideal for those of you who are new to composting and actually has a great farmhouse feel to it with its planks and boards.

24. Odor Free Indoor Compost Bin

Odor Free Indoor Compost Bin

Before you get hesitant about having a compost bin inside your home, know that this DIY version makes it odorless so you won’t have to worry about aromas spreading throughout the house. It is the ideal DIY compost bin if you are just getting started and need to learn the ropes of composting before you build a larger outside model because you can make it out of just about any plastic container.

25. Upcycled Shower Door Compost Bin

Upcycled Shower Door Compost Bin

An old, unused shower door can be used in your composting.

For this project, you’ll need to construct the bin yourself out of wood or cinder blocks, and then use the shower door to keep everything organized within.

This is fantastic since you can watch your compost while it works because the door is clear.

26. Repurposed Pallet Compost Bin

Repurposed Pallet Compost Bin

I enjoy repurposing old pallets for new purposes.

There are so many creative ways to use old pallets, and this compost container is just one of them.

Because the pallets are already put together, you only need to link four of them to create a box for your compost. This one is also very simple to construct.

One of the simplest and likely least expensive DIY compost bins is this one.

27. Cheap And Easy Stackable Compost Bin

Stackable Compost Bin

There are five layers of smaller bins stacked on top of one another in this inexpensive and simple-to-construct DIY compost bin.

Because of its low cost of construction, it is incredibly simple to rotate as required.

This one won’t set you back more than $100. And if have a few extra boards on hand, you might even spend less than that.

28. Cheap $5 Compost Bin

Cheap $5 Compost Bin

This vermicomposting bin may be created for less than $5 if you’re looking for something really affordable and simple to build.

Moreover, All you need are a few nesting buckets, which can be any plastic containers you already have on hand, some lids, some newspaper, and your worms.

If you want to introduce kids to composting at a young age, this is a terrific activity. 

29. Simple DIY Porch Compost Bin

DIY Porch Compost Bin

This simple compost bin can be built to fit on your porch, where it will be close to your food waste. Depending on the container you pick, you may construct this one for less than $20. As it is quite tiny and constructed of clear plastic with a hinged cover.  Also. it is very simple to keep the stench out and to turn the compost over to allow it to air.  

30. Straw Bales DIY Compost Bin

Straw Bales DIY Compost Bin

Straw bales can be used to quickly and easily make a compost bin if you have some on hand, especially if you need to dispose of them after using them for fall decorating.

You won’t need more than an hour to finish this one.

To construct the compost container, simply stack your hay or straw bales. In case, you already have a straw or know where to find it for free, this project couldn’t be simpler or more affordable.

31. DIY Woven Compost Bin

DIY Woven Compost Bin

How about making your own compost bin out of woven materials? You can, and it’s not too difficult to do. Also, this can be made with willow rods, which are incredibly flexible and simple to weave with. Just form them into a basket shape, and then look for a bin cover. Also, if you have willow rods on your land, you can use this beautiful container for free.

32. Upcycled Wheelbarrow Compost Bin

Upcycled Wheelbarrow Compost Bin

Do you remember that rusty, old wheelbarrow in your yard? That can be converted into a compost bin, and since it has a revolving barrel on it, it’s really simple to keep the compost rotated and fresh.

Moreover, Simply attach a metal barrel to the rotating device, and your wheelbarrow will collect all of the created soil. You can easily empty the wheelbarrow in the garden after it is filled.

33. Wood Barrel DIY Compost Bin 

Wood Barrel DIY Compost Bin 

You only need a few 2X4s and a few nails to construct your own wood barrel compost bin. This one spins as well, allowing you to stir your compost frequently to keep it fresh. Also, you may make it quickly and easily using scrap wood from other projects. It also has a rather nice-looking compost bin, don’t you think? It looks fantastic with the outside farmhouse décor you have.

34. Upcycled Landscape Timber Compost Bin

Upcycled Landscape Timber Compost Bin

This compost container is simple to build and anyone can make it with leftover landscaping timbers. Even if you don’t already have any landscaping timbers, this one is still very affordable. If you have to purchase all of the necessary supplies, it will only cost you about $50, and assembling it is a rather straightforward procedure.

35. DIY Wine Barrel Compost Station

 DIY Wine Barrel Compost Station

Construct a whole composting facility out of a few used wine barrels. There are so many DIY wine barrel decorations that you can construct, which is why I adore using wine barrels for decor. These barrels may also be used to create this cute compost station, which rotates your compost so that it stays fresh

You could build several of them and join them all together to produce enough compost for yourself, your friends, and your family, depending on how many barrels you have on hand.


Simply said, composting is the process of turning organic waste into nutrient-rich soil. Later you can use that in vegetable or flower gardens.

It’s a wonderful eco-friendly activity because it allows you to dispose of some waste products without tossing them in the trash.

Coffee grounds, old vegetables, fruits, tea bags, grass clippings, cardboard egg cartons, leaves, and many more materials all you can use in your compost.

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